Ski & Snow Services

It's important to prep your gear for the off season and get it ready for the upcoming season. Whether you're doing general maintenance or your gear needs a fix, we take care of your gear to make sure you can perform your best

We've got the best equipment

Wintersteiger Trim Jet, Precise Finish

Wintersteiger Ceramic Disc Finish technology with self-sharpening grinding discs ensures precise edge geometry and a polished edge surface. Automatic detection ensures accurate positioning of the ski/snowboard. The grinding discs activate once they have made contact with edge, allowing for extremely accurate start and finish points.

SBI, Wide variety

Whether skis, snowboards or cross country skis, the Sigma SBI combines pre-grinding and finish grinding in one machine. The grinding belt provides the opportunity for rapid pre-grinding and the 350 mm wide grinding stone is perfect for individual structures.

Our Technicians will fill smaller scratches with P-Tex. Deeper scratches can be repaired with base weld. Base welding is a plastic weld designed for ski and board bases and will bond more securely to core and edge material over P-tex, which can lift out over time and expose your fancy equipment to water damage! More severe damage and torn out and broken edges can be repaired with a base patch and edge replacement. With painstaking attention to detail, our technicians will remove damaged material and replace it with new base, edge or both and finish with a full Combo #3. Like new! All of our new boards and skis get a quick top up machine wax. This adds too and compliments the existing factory wax. Our Machine Wax uses Toko Universal temperature wax designed to help you slide fast at a wide variety of temperatures. A Pro Wax allows our technicians to pay the most attention to detail when it comes to making your equipment faster! Our technicians will use a combination of universal and temperature specific wax to ensure you’re getting the most from your wax. For a little extra we can use temperature specific Fluorinated waxes for race level speed!

24-hour turnaround on ski & snowboard tunes. No appointment necessary.

Ski & Snowboard
General Repair

Base Grind $25

Base Patch - Large Sized Patch $90
See Guide at Front Counter In-Store 
Includes Full Tune & Wax

Base Patch - Medium Sized Patch $80
See Guide at Front Counter 
Includes Full Tune & Wax

Base Patch - Small Sized Patch $70
See Guide at Front Counter 
Includes Full Tune & Wax

Base Patch - Template / Freehand $110
See Guide at Front Counter 
Includes Full Tune & Wax

Edge Repair / Replacement
$10/inch + relevant patch
Includes Combo #3 

Edge Sharpening $20
B & S Edge 

Ski Combos

Combo #1 $30

Base Grind, Edge Sharpening, Machine Wax

Combo #2 $40

Includes Combo #1 With Hand Applied Wax 

Combo #3 $50

Includes Combo #2 With Minor Base Repairs (3 Welds/P-Tex) 

Ski Wax

Machine Wax $10
Pro Wax $15
Pro Wax With Temperature Specific Wax $20

Ski Set Up &
Binding/Boot Repair

Binding Install
Flat Ski $50
System $25
Binding Adjustment $15
Boot Fitting $70 / hr
Boot Heat Molding $20
Boot Grinding $20
Boot Buckle Re/Re (Rivet) $20
Boot Buckle Re/Re (Screw) $10
Skin Cutting / Shaping $50
Pole Basket / Handle Replacement $10

Snowboard Combos

Combo #1 $30
Base Grind, Edge Sharpening, Machine Wax $30
Combo #2 $40
Includes Combo #1 with Hand Applied Wax
Combo #3 $50
Includes Combo #2 with Minor Base Repairs (3 welds/p-tex) 

Snowboard Wax

Machine Wax $10
Pro Wax $20
Pro Wax with Temperature Specific Wax $25

Snowboard Binding / Adjustment and Repair

Binding Install $15
Binding Adjustment $15
Boot Heat Moulding $20